History of St Giles’ Church

St Giles’ Church began as a small hamlet church and has expanded as Ickenham’s population has grown.  It is packed full of over 675 years of history. The oldest part of the building is believed to date back to 1335 when the first Rector of the Parish of Ickenham was appointed.  A North Aisle was added in the 16th Century, an extension to the west end of the Nave in 1959 and a 2nd storey extension above the Choir Vestry was opened in 1986.

Visit the church and discover the links with many of the famous families in the history of Ickenham.  Experience the place where services of worship and prayer have taken place for over 6 centuries.  Better still, attend a service of worship and join with the living Church, the ‘Body of Christ’, who currently inhabit this beautiful building.

We try to keep the church open for visitors Monday-Thursday from 11am-1pm, and Saturdays from 10.30am-12.30pm.  Our Church Watch team will be pleased to welcome you.  However, if you are making a special journey to visit the church we do recommend that you call the church office (01895 622971; email office@stgileschurch.co.uk ) in advance to check that the church will be open as availability of our church watch volunteers can mean some variation to these opening hours.

Download a pdf of the St Giles’ History book 2017

Copies of this history book are no longer available as we are awaiting an updated version.