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If you fill in a registration form (see below), parents/carers will receive news updates via email. See also: https://twitter.com/SYouthworker

Programmes for the Spring term:

NEON programme 2019 (September to December) – just the dates

We will add things in as the term goes on…


IGNITE programme 2019 (September to December)


Other important documents:

IMPORTANTeveryone who comes to IGNITE or NEON will need to fill in a Registration Form. From September 2018 this is a new GDPR compliant form so even if you have filled in a form before you will have to fill in this form to renew your permissions. Ask Simon for a form or download one here: IGNITE-NEON Registration Form September 2018 onwards – please fill in and return to Simon.

Here are the rules for IGNITE & NEON (everybody who comes is expected to follow these, so please read!): IGNITE & NEON rules rev Sept 2015 [Note: we have a yellow/red card system in force – but hope we don’t need to use it!].

We contribute to the sponsorship of Sonia, a teenage girl from Rukiga, Uganda – please read the letter here: Sonia Sponsorship letter – 2018-2019 – or you can contribute via the jar on Friday nights (or at any other time!). (NB We will continue with this in 2019-2019 but the info in the letter still applies).

We also support Shooting Star CHASE who run our local hospice for children and young people – Shooting Star House in Hampton. Save your spare 5p coins and we will collect them!


NOTE: If you are experiencing problems opening these pdf documents, try upgrading your version of Adobe Reader to the latest version. You can download and install the software for free here. (Note: you can untick “install Google toolbar”).