IGNITE a.m. & IGNITE plus

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is a group of young people aged 11 and upwards (Y7+) who meet in the IGNITE Room (upstairs in the church hall) on Sunday mornings.

We talk about the news, have discussions, watch videos, play games, pray together etc. etc. OK, it’s early for a Sunday morning but it’s worth getting up for!

We meet every Sunday morning at 9.45 am in term time, apart from the first Sunday of the month when everyone goes to the All Age Service. We also have a break the first weekend in half term. If in doubt, check the Ignite programme which can be downloaded here.

We meet in the church first and go over to the hall after the first hymn. On the 3rd Sunday we meet in the hall and go over to church later for communion. Confused? See this handy guide below. Cut it out and stick it on the fridge. Tie it to the cat (or dog) and get the cat (or dog) to walk around in front of you to remind you. Write it in permanent marker on your forehead. Or something.

1st Sunday – All Age Service – in church the whole time (no IGNITE am – but there’s IGNITE plus in the evening – see below)

2nd Sunday – meet in church, IGNITE am in hall after first hymn

3rd Sunday – meet in hall, IGNITE am then go over to church for communion

4th Sunday – meet in church, IGNITE am in hall after first hymn

5th Sunday (if there is one) – meet in church, IGNITE am in hall after first hymn

6th Sunday – get a new calendar!

Got that??

Holy Week Rocks!



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1st Sunday of the month 7.00-8.30pm in the IGNITE Room

We explore issues, see if the Bible got anything to say about them, and find out what it means to be a Christian in the 21st century

YOU can set the agenda

YOU can ask questions

YOU can share your views

Come along and be part of this Sunday evening group! Includes games and snacks! Invite your friends!



Who can you spot from IGNITE in the photo at the top?