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Here at St Giles’ Ickenham!

Please note monthly Messy Church is currently suspended as a Covid-19 Precaution. 

A re-start date will be posted here in due course.

But feel free to have a look at our ‘Messy Mondays’ below, for a bite-size Messy session!



The Exodus. 

Listen to the story and catch our Godly Play on St Giles Ickenham YouTube channel.




Emma says;

How terrifying to have the Pharaoh’s army chasing after you! And not just that, having to put all your trust in God and walk between the watery walls of the Red Sea. How do you think you would of felt?

We learn from this story just how much God loves and cares for his people, for us. And we an take comfort in knowing that God is with us always.







Check out some Messy songs under ‘Our favourite songs’ tab.

Enjoy your bite! God Bless. Emma (Family & Children’s Worker)

Here are some activities you can try at home


Messy activities.


Moses parts the sea.

You will need:

Paper for the base.

Blue paper for the sea.

Card for Moses.

Colouring pens or pencils.

Any fishy stickers you may have.


Scissors. Adult help required.


  1.  Take your base paper and lay flat.
  2.  Draw or print off a small Moses figure.
  3.  Colour him in and stick in the centre at one end. As above.
  4.  Cut your blue sheet of paper in half lengthways.
  5.  Along one edge of each piece, cut a fringe. As above.
  6.  Curl the fringe by wrapping it round a pencil or ask you adult to use the edge of scissors.
  7.  Add stickers if you have any. You could also write ‘God will make a way’ in the middle.

Other activities you could try;

Moses themed cupcakes with a parting of the icing!

You can access word searches like the one below online.






















Don’t forget to stop for a break and remember our Messy grace at dinnertime:

“3, 2, 1 (pause) 1, 2, 3 thank you God for feeding me! Amen.”