Daily Prayer


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Prayer ideas for different situations:

Lord I want to Praise You

In Union with the song of all creation I lift my heart in praise to You O Lord my God, for you have sent your Son to come into the world to teach us Your ways and to give the gift of reconciliation and salvation.

I pray for Jesus Christ to come into my life and to bring me hope and freedom.

Blessed are you my Saviour and my Lord.  Help me to follow You  more nearly each day of my life.  Amen

Lord I thank You

For your  presence here, for the opportunity to pray,

For the promise of peace,

For the beauty of the world, the kindness of people…………..

For your love towards me (and especially for …………)

For the Cross of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Help me to show my gratitude in deeds as well as words.  Amen

Lord I am sorry

For the times when I have been hasty or unkind (especially to …….)

thought or acted selfishly, failed to forgive or ask forgiveness,

forgotten your presence,  taken Your love for granted.

I thank You for your promise to forgive all those who turn back to You in penitence. Amen

Lord I am troubled

Lord when I face times of anxiety, or great difficulty, calm my troubled spirit and help me to place my trust in You.  Help me to trust your love, for you carry our sorrows.  Teach me to act and speak in the way that you want.  Give me the wisdom to know when not to interfere.   Calm my fears, for all things are in your hands.

I pray for my family whom I love ………

for people I meet with each day …………

for those who carry responsibilities………

for those in any kind of distress …………

and I pray for myself that you will guide and help me.  Amen

Lord I ask for Your healing

Lord by your most mighty power and your most wonderful and compassionate love lay your healing hand upon…………. who I love.

Restore………….in body, mind and spirit to a new life in You.

Have mercy, O Lord I pray.  Amen

Lord I ask for your comfort

Lord you know the pain of separation from our loved ones.  Be with us in our pain.

Help us to bear it, and to comfort one another.

Help us to be able to trust those who have departed this life, into your loving care.  Amen