baptism 001

Baptism was often treated as a sort of birth rite within a Christian society, but now Christians are rediscovering the richness of baptism, seeing it as both God’s gift and our human response to that gift.   It symbolizes the beginning of a new relationship with God through faith in Christ, and assumes the candidate will want to grow in their Christian faith.  Parents presenting children for baptism, and adult candidates, will be encouraged to commit to attending church regularly to help them grow in faith.

Some parents considering baptism for their child prefer to have a Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child instead of Baptism. This would normally take place during the All-age Service on the 1st Sunday of the month.

Baptisms are conducted at 12.30pm in a specially designated service. If you would like to discuss baptism for your child or yourself, please speak to a minister after any 09.30 Family Praise service, 10.30 Communion or All-age service on the First Sunday of the month.