Who’s who

Lots of people are involved in many different areas of ministry – the following are some of the post-holders at St Giles’ Church:


Revd Felicity Davies: Rector

Felicity has been Rector of St Giles since September 2014. She is married to Tony and they have two adult children.  She likes to be outdoors as often as possible and loves gardening, which is lucky because the Rectory garden is really huge. They are both members of the New Wine leaders network which seeks to see ‘local churches changing nations’.
Revd Navina Thompson: Curate

Navina has had a chequered career but since her calling into ordained ministry in the church has trained, been ordained and priested in the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf for about two years. She relocated to the UK with her husband to be closer to her three adult children in late 2020 was licensed as Assistant Curate at St Giles’ in January 2021.


Rosemary Hodgson JP – Churchwarden

Rosemary was appointed Church Warden in 2016 and has lived in Ickenham since 1974 and been a member of St Giles’ since 1988. She has two children and two grandchildren. Rosemary sat on the North West London Magistrates Bench for 19 years until 2013, most of those years as a Family Court Magistrate. She is also an active member of local social groups.


Linda Varley – Churchwarden




David Thould – Reader

David has been attending St Giles’ since the late 1980’s, and has been a Lay Minister since 1997.  He works as a transport manager and lives in West Drayton.  He enjoys walking and music.

Sally Blackman – Lay Minister

Sally has been attending St Giles for many years and was commissioned as a Lay Minister in March 2018. She lives with her husband and two grown up daughters and works in the Textiles Department at a secondary school. She enjoys arts & crafts and music and is a member of St Giles’ worship band.



Emma Taylor – Lay Minister

Emma has been a Lay Minister at St Giles’ since 2020. She lives in Ickenham with her husband and three of her five children.