Holy Mowers

Churchyard Team – The Holy Mowers

We have a lovely churchyard  at St Giles’ and we get many compliments on the standard of its care and the tranquility of its Garden of Remembrance despite being in close proximity to a busy road junction. It provides a place of peace and comfort for those relatives who have lost loved ones and its maintenance is an essential part of this healing process for many people who visit.

The work of keeping it in such a splendid condition is due to a group of voluntary helpers who we affectionately call The Holy Mowers. There are approx. 9 of us comprising 7 men and 2 women.

We meet every Tuesday morning from 9-11am to cut the grass, trim the bushes and trees and keep the graves in good order. We finish promptly in time to share coffee and biscuits and a chat at 11am. There is always plenty of work to do particularly when the grass cutting season starts and when the leaves fall in October. We have an adequate supply of small petrol mowers – you will appreciate that they are needed to get in between the graves.


We are a jolly group of people from St Giles’, however we welcome anyone from the community (regardless of whether they are churchgoers) who may be interested in helping on a regular basis or whenever they have the time to do so. Think about it – you will be helping to keep the churchyard in its good condition and you will meet some really nice friends.  If you are interested in joining this group, we would love to hear from you.

Contact: Patricia Lee via the church office office@stgileschurch.co.uk  01895 622971